Cool Stuff: 2/21/2022

We are constantly adding new recipes, products and resources to the website! So you don’t miss out, here’s some of our favorite stuff from this week:

A meal plan for Ruby.

This is our favorite meal plan this week because it gets to the core challenges a lot of folks face; how do we eat on a busy schedule, how do we handle temptations at work, and how do we eat around friends and family without feeling left out?

A new style of recipe.

When you start to get bored, one of our favorite recommendations is to look to the cuisines of other cultures. Different spices and entirely new concepts FORCE you to get out of your comfort zone. This week, we learned a new word: Afritada!

A couple of new products.

Here are some of the products we featured in our meal plans this week. You can check out our meal plan page to see how we used them, but we encourage you to use your imagination!

Not sure what to think about all of these new ideas? Come to our live stream sessions ( and be a part of the conversation! Find the schedule here.

We have not been paid in any way to review or encourage any products referenced in these recipes. Do not feel any pressure to purchase ANYTHING you find here, or that we mention in our content. However, if you do decide to use these products for your own weight management, it does support our programs and content when you make a purchase using the links we’ve provided. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

February 20, 2022 2:58 pm

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