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Our main goal is to take some of the frustration out of the weight loss process. We want to save you time and get you to your goals faster, but more than that, we want you to feel in control. When you step on the scale each week, we don’t want you crossing your fingers and hoping for a good result. If we do things right, you should be confident that you are doing everything you need to do, now and long-term.

Below are the services we provide.

Contact our office and make an appointment if you want a professional coach to walk you through any part of this process. This is what we are here for!

Custom Meal Plans

Our most popular service – $25 / hr

The bulk of our business is sitting down with folks one-on-one to come up with a meal plan that they can be confident will get them on the path to their goals. Each plan we create must account for each individual’s specific needs, lifestyle, temptations, and budget.

The goal is make sure that once someone begins their plan they have the best chance possible of succeeding. We don’t want anyone to get 3 weeks in, only to face a challenge that throws them off track and threatens their progress, so we’ll make sure we look at all the angles.

As time goes on, everyone’s motivations, and challenges will change, and we help them adjust their plans to keep things on track. If your weight loss slows down, if your life changes in a major way, or if you’re just getting bored, we’ll be here to help you make adjustments.

We are happy to offer this service, even if the individual is not going to participate in one of our formal programs. If you just want us to help you put a plan together, and let you handle it from there, we will.

This service is FREE to anyone who participates in one of our coaching programs, either in live groups, or one-on-one (see details below).

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Quick and Healthy Meals and Snacks

Make it easier to eat healthy and lose weight – Prices vary

It takes work to:

  • come up with new recipes on a regular basis to prevent boredom.
  • plan a week’s worth of healthy meals and snacks.
  • put together a grocery list.
  • go to the store (or multiple stores) to buy our groceries.
  • shop for healthy ingredients (reading labels and checking nutrition).
  • decide what we want to eat at each meal time.
  • measure, prep, and cook when we are ready to eat.
  • control proper portion sizing.
  • manage surprises, challenges, and life events that prevent us from following our original plan.

Our meals and snacks are specifically designed to:

  • be portion controlled and low in calories (so weight loss is easier to guarantee from week to week).
  • be healthy and nutritious, as determined by our medical team.
  • be prepared in 1 minute (so being tired, rushed, or busy never keeps us from our goals).
  • be stored without taking space in a refrigerator or freezer (so we can keep healthy options at work, when we travel, and anywhere else we need them).
  • taste delicious (especially compared to typical health food options).
  • be customizable to suit our individual tastes and preferences (see our recipe page).

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One-on-one, personalized, accountability and support – $100 / 4 weeks

Partner with a trained, professional, weight management coach to help you avoid mistakes, and reach your goal quickly, while setting yourself up for long-term success.

First, we’ll help you come up with a plan to reach your goals. It needs to be customized to fit your routine and personal challenges, so we’ll have to work together.

Then, each week we’ll meet one-on-one to review your progress, answer your questions, and find solutions to the problems you’re facing. We WANT you to complain. If there is anything that you aren’t happy about, then you won’t be successful long term. You tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen together.

Behind the scenes your coach will:

  • review your progress to make sure you are on track to meet your goals.
  • keep copies of your records.
  • note any details that may slow down your progress, or become a bigger issue with time.
  • look towards the future to keep you aware of challenges you will need to prepare for (such as holidays and family events).
  • search for recipes, and tips that you request, or that we determine might be helpful.
  • be available for emails and meetings throughout the week for emotional support.
  • advocate for you to find other resources for support (contact your work, school, or doctor to make sure you have the tools you need to be successful).

Group Discussion

Meet with others to answer the questions we all face – $15 / 4 weeks

There are a LOT of questions that we have to answer before we can be successful long-term. And there are new questions that come up constantly. NO ONE can have all of these answers. Even our coaches, who have been studying for more than a decade, will never have EVERY answer. Sometimes, we all have to get support from others. What kind of questions will we face?

  • How do I make broccoli taste good?
  • What do I do if I want to go to a restaurant?
  • What will I need to pack if I’m flying away for vacation, and how would it be different if I were driving?
  • How do I stay active in winter when the weather is cold?
  • What do I do about my co-workers, or family members that keep tempting foods around?
  • How do I handle holidays?
  • How do I get back on track once I’ve “cheated”?
  • What can I do for exercise if I have bad knees?
  • What’s a healthy way to make pizza?
  • Is it okay to snack late at night?

Our group discussions are NOT “touchy-feely” support groups. And they aren’t lectures, either. This is a chance to meet with other people to talk honestly and work together to solve the challenges we all face. Every time you participate, you’ll have an opportunity to hear an idea you’ve never considered before, and there’s a good chance you’ll be the reason someone else reaches their goals, too.

These groups are held live in our Cambridge office. We also host FREE online discussions through our live streams. Click here for details, hours, and availability for all of our group coaching options.

FREE Ongoing Support and Resources

Recipes, tips, and more – the tools we need to be successful long-term – FREE

Each week we’ll updated our list of helpful resources with new recipes and strategies developed by our coaches or learned from clients through our coaching sessions. Each strategy will be pre-approved by our experts before it ever shows up here. If we wouldn’t do it ourselves, we won’t recommend it.

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GET HELP when things aren’t working or questions arise. Don’t put yourself in a position where you are struggling, making mistakes, or losing progress. A 30 minute meeting with a coach, or a once weekly group conversation could save you 3 months worth of weight-loss.

All pricing is subject to change.