Soup and Cereal

The Soup and Cereal are about one thing: VARIETY. When you get bored with the healthy choices you have, you start looking for other things to eat, and in this environment, we’re surrounded by weight-gain foods everywhere we go! The more healthy options you have, the easier it is to stick to the plan.

The Soup gives an alternative that is warm and salty, when the shakes are usually cold and sweet. It makes a great base for soups when you add vegetables or one of the Entrees. It can also be prepared as a sauce or gravy to pour over certain recipes (like a baked potato!)

The Multigrain Cereal is the most traditional breakfast option within the program. Long after clients leave the program, we still find that many continue to come back to pick up the cereal. It’s filling and warm, with apples, cranberries, and currants already incorporated.

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