Our Grocery List (foods and products that you should be using)

So much in the weight loss world is focused on what we SHOULDN’T do. We wanted to create a list for everyone of things they CAN eat. Below is a list of the products that our professional coaches have personally reviewed and determined to fit our requirements. We confidently recommend these for most people trying to manage their weight. If you’re curious to see how we use these products, click here to view our list of recipes.

Meal Replacement Entrees

These are pre-portioned, easy to prepare meals that anyone can use to save time in the kitchen.

Meal Replacement Shakes

These shakes are designed to be big in volume (so our hands stay busy and we don’t reach for less-healthy options), keep us full (so we don’t get hungry and use that as an excuse to make poor decisions), and fulfill our sweet cravings.

Meal Replacement Bars

More than anything, these bars are supposed to keep us from reaching for other snacks or candies. These shouldn’t be a big part of our every day routine, but they are important for those times where we really need that extra something.

Vegetables and Fruits

Whether it’s a snack or a side dish, you should be having a vegetable or fruit almost EVERY time you eat. In order to be successful long-term, they need to be tasty, fast and easy to cook, affordable, and portable when we are on the go.

Sauces, Spices, and Salad Dressings

There’s a lot of food out there that’s healthy, but it all tastes better with cheese, butter, oil, or chocolate syrup! What can we use to keep these foods interesting, without sacrificing our goals?


Egg, seafood, chicken, turkey, tofu, beans and more! Healthy protein products can add variety and keep us feeling fuller longer.


Breads, wraps, pitas, bagels, pastas, rices, cereals and more! Healthy grain products can add a lot variety to a healthy diet.

Beverages, Snacks, Equipment and Everything Else

It’s entirely possible for someone to take in more calories from beverages and other small snacks than they do from regular meals. What can we drink, and what other snacks and useful products can we add into our routine?

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All of this requires practice and experimentation. GET HELP when things aren’t working or questions arise. Don’t put yourself in a position where you are struggling, making mistakes, or losing progress. A 30 minute meeting with a coach, or a once weekly group conversation could save you 3 months worth of weight-loss.