Meal Replacement Bars

Bars are a useful tool for anyone trying to manage their weight. Contrary to what most people believe, it isn’t a requirement that these bars provide any particular nutritional benefit, or that they keep us full. That’s really what our fruits and vegetables are for. More than anything, these bars are supposed to keep us from reaching for other snacks or candies. These shouldn’t necessarily be a big part of our every day routine, but they are important for those times where we really need that extra something. Portability, and being as low in calories as possible are the most important requirements. Be careful, though, there are a lot of bad bar options. Just because a bar is “high protein” or labeled as a “nutrition bar” doesn’t mean it will meet your need for weight loss. Click here to download our criteria for finding the best meal replacements.

If you’re curious to see how we use these products, click here to view our list of recipes. Remember, all GOOD meal replacements are designed to be customized. You’ll want to add your own vegetables, fruits, sauces, and spices, to suit your tastes.


These are the first bars we recommend to our clients in the clinic. HMRⓇ is a trustworthy company which has been working in the weight loss field for DECADES. We know that these bars are designed to meet all of our requirements: they are designed for weight loss, by medical professionals to be healthy and nutritious, and taste pretty good, without becoming too pricey for the average person to afford.

We also like to start our clients with HMRⓇ for the simplicity. Many of our clients start by taking on a diet where they are ONLY eating HMRⓇ meal replacements, fruits and vegetables, to keep things simple and give them the best chance of seeing early results. We have found this to be the best course of action for people who really want to lose weight quickly, or people who really feel “out of control” and unable to make the right choices for themselves.

The full list of HMRⓇ Bars that you can purchase directly from us can be found if you click here.

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Bars Available on AmazonⓇ

Be careful when choosing the bars you use! In this list, we will only include bars that our professionals have examined and approved. Remember, even if you find another bar from the same brands as the bars in this list, they may not meet the same criteria. Check each meal individually to make sure it will help you reach your weight goals!

When we discover something new, we will add it to the TOP of this list. Check back often to see what new tools we’ve discovered!

Please note: It is our policy to leave these links active, even if an item goes out of stock. If a particular link no longer works, it may still be helpful. You can use the product details to look for the item on another website, or in a brick-and-mortar store. If a link leads absolutely nowhere, though, CLICK HERE to let us know, and we’ll do our best to correct it.

HMRⓇ Bars on AmazonⓇ – Every Meal Replacement from this brand is endorsed and approved by our coaches. Try their entrees, shakes, cereal, soup, and bars!

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All of this requires practice and experimentation. GET HELP when things aren’t working or questions arise. Don’t put yourself in a position where you are struggling, making mistakes, or losing progress. A 30 minute meeting with a coach, or a once weekly group conversation could save you 3 months worth of weight-loss.