Beverages, Snacks, Equipment, and Everything Else

It’s entirely possible for someone to take in more calories from beverages, than they do from food. Coffee with cream and sugar, soda, juice, and alcohol can be some of the worst offenders. How can we quench our thirst while taking off the pounds?

In addition to beverages, what other snacks and useful products can we add into our routine to help us manage our weights?

If you’re curious to see how we use these products, click here to view our list of recipes. Remember, all GOOD food products are designed to be customized. You’ll want to add your own vegetables, fruits, sauces, and spices, to suit your tastes.

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Be careful when choosing the foods and beverages you use! In this list, we will only include products that our professionals have examined and approved. Remember, even if you find another product from the same brands as the options in this list, they may not meet the same criteria. Check each product to make sure it will help you reach your weight goals!

When we discover something new, we will add it to the TOP of this list. Check back often to see what new tools we’ve discovered!

Please note: It is our policy to leave these links active, even if an item goes out of stock. If a particular link no longer works, it may still be helpful. You can use the product details to look for the item on another website, or in a brick-and-mortar store. If a link leads absolutely nowhere, though, CLICK HERE to let us know, and we’ll do our best to correct it.


Cola (Coke)

Root Beer (A&W)

Honey Lemon Green Tea Bags (Lipton)

Iced Tea Mix Diet Lemon (Lipton)

Unsweetened Decaf Instant Tea

Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer (Splenda)

Coffee Creamer Variety – Sweet Cream, French Vanilla, Hazelnut (Splenda)


Quick Shake (Blender) Bottle

Cooking Aids

Non-Stick Cooking Spray (PAM)

Snacks and Others

Ice Pops (Pop-Ice)

Bread & Butter Chips (Mt. Olive)

Popcorn (Orville Redenbacher)

Vanilla Wafer Cookies (Nilla)

Cheese Puffs (Gerber)

Rice Crackers (Ka-me)

Sweet Rice Cakes (Quaker)

Rice Cakes (Quaker)

Fruity Gelatin Powders (Jello)

Instant Pudding Powders (Jello)

Caramel Hard Candies (Werther’s)

Chocolate Caramel Hard Candies (Werther’s)

Fruity Hard Candies (Jolly Rancher)

Cinnamon Sugar Donut (Elite)

Glazed Donut Bites (Krispy Kreme)

S’mores Donut Bites (Krispy Kreme)

Chocolate Donut Bites (Krispy Kreme)

Cinnamon Coffee Cake (Fiber One)

Spicy Queso Corn Chips (Popcorners)

Gummy Candy – Sweet Fish, Sourmelon, Peach Rings (SmartSweets)

Cotton Candy (Fruidles)


Self-Rising Flour (White Lily)

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