Helpful Resources

Being successful long-term means losing the weight AND keeping it off. We can’t do EITHER if we aren’t happy. That means we need the right recipes, tips, and strategies.

This page is where we’ll post the new and exciting things we find. Our coaches will ONLY post ideas and products that they’d use personally, or recommend to their family and friends.

Downloads and Handouts

What tools can we use to get organized, or keep as reference materials?

Our Grocery List

What foods, sauces, spices, or salad dressings should we be getting at the grocery store?


What can we make?

Sample Meal Plans

What should a full day of healthy eating look like?

Online Resources

Besides this website, where else can I go to get ideas, recipes, and support?

All of this requires practice and experimentation. GET HELP when things aren’t working or questions arise. Don’t put yourself in a position where you are struggling, making mistakes, or losing progress. A 30 minute meeting with a coach, or a once weekly group conversation could save you 3 months worth of weight-loss.