What does this website offer?

Hello everyone!

We’re adding a lot of functionality to the website, and we are looking to increase the amount of online support we provide for those of you working hard to maintain your health when you can’t make it into our office physically.

Check out 4 Resource pages:

  • Our Grocery List is where we post sauces, spices, low calorie breads, snacks, and more. These are individual ingredients that you can find at the grocery store, or order online, and start using in your own routines right away. Here is our favorite Light Mayo.
  • Recipes is where we show you how to use the ingredients from Our Grocery List, alongside other healthy foods, to create new and exciting meals or snacks. Here is a Chicken Sandwich recipe that uses the Light Mayo.
  • Sample Meal Plans is where it all comes together. Take the items from Our Grocery List, and the Recipes we’ve suggested, and see what a full day of healthy eating might look like. Here is a full day where someone is eating that Chicken Sandwich for dinner.
  • Downloads is where you can find all of our most popular handouts and reference pages.

Check out 3 new support options:

  • Our Weight Loss Guide is a step-by-step breakdown illustrating how weight loss works, and walking you through the process of creating your plan (and fixing it when it’s not working). Pay special attention to video 3!
  • Our Live Stream is a FREE online coaching option. Login anytime during the listed time slots to practice making meal plans and interact with others who are trying to manage a healthy weight. Ask questions directly to an educator and get advice in real time. In these streams, we aren’t just talking about shakes and entrees; every potential subject is open for discussion.
  • Our YouTube channel is a place to get content on your own schedule. View our meal plan videos when it’s convenient for you, watch the best parts recorded from our Live Streams, and keep up to date as we comment on patterns and trends in the weight loss world.

Check out all of our in-clinic and online options and services.

As always, people do best when they have the proper support. Don’t ever think that you need to do this alone. We are here to help you. With questions and concerns, contact our office here.

Good luck!


We update our website WEEKLY, so check back frequently. If you’d like us to review a specific product, recipe, or plan, consider attending one of our Live Streaming Sessions on Twitch. CLICK HERE for the schedule.

We have not been paid in any way to review or encourage any products referenced here. Do not feel any pressure to purchase ANYTHING you find here, or that we mention in our content. However, if you do decide to use these products for your own weight management, it does support our programs and content when you make a purchase using the links we’ve provided. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

All of this requires practice and experimentation. GET HELP when things aren’t working or questions arise. Don’t put yourself in a position where you are struggling, making mistakes, or losing progress. A 30 minute meeting with a coach, or a once weekly group conversation could save you 3 months worth of weight-loss.

February 11, 2022 2:10 pm

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