Toby's Story

I joined MHW in September of 2016 after my doctor referred me. I weighed in over 300 pounds at that point and my sugars were climbing towards the diabetic range. I have a CDL (commercial driver’s license), and if you’re on needles taking medicine for diabetes, you lose that license. Plus, I was starting to feel older; more tired. I didn’t have that “get up and go” like I used to. So, I asked my doctor if he knew of any weight loss plan that would fit my busy schedule and he handed me a brochure for MHW and told me about some of his other patients who’d had success here. I called that day, and came in for an Orientation.

I promised myself that if I started, I was going to do everything that they said. It wasn’t as difficult as I’d thought. When you start seeing the results, you WANT to do it. In May 2017, I reached 100 pounds total lost and in July, I started in Phase 2 groups. I am still attending those groups a year and half later, and I’ve stayed between 100 and 110 pounds lost this entire time! I don’t feel tired anymore. I feel wonderful. I feel younger and healthier. I’m off my blood pressure medicine, and my sugars have dropped, so my doctor is happy. And I don’t hurt anymore. All those little aches and pains are gone. I just wish I had done this sooner.

What I liked most about the program is that the food was delicious and I was not hungry. I’ve NEVER been hungry here. In fact, when you eat more, you lose even more weight! MHW makes it easy. They tell you everything you need to do and if you do it, you’ll see success. They have all the parts of this puzzle. Plus, the groups were very helpful. I didn’t feel like I was doing it by myself. Support is a wonderful thing. I’m still coming to the groups now, because they’re very educational, and very helpful.

If I can do this, anybody can do it, but you gotta make your mind up. That’s the key. Follow the program. All of this is a lifestyle change. It’s about the long-term. Everything worthwhile is a struggle at first, but it’s worth it in the end. I would recommend the program, especially to a younger person. Take the time for yourself to get healthy. The quality of life later on will be worth it.

January 10, 2019 12:00 am

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