Sue's Story

I joined MHW in May of 2017. Even after I watched my friend and her husband have success with the program, I was still at a point where I thought, “it’s too expensive. I can do it on my own.” I spent the next year trying my own approaches to lose weight. I probably lost less than 10 pounds in all that time. As I got closer to retiring from my job, my husband and I started shopping around for health insurance, and I began to worry about developing a condition that would cause my insurance costs to increase. This was what finally pushed me to get serious about losing the weight. In the back of my mind, I didn’t even think about fitting in smaller clothes, or feeling more confident about my appearance. That wasn’t even a real possibility for me. I just wanted to be healthier.

What I liked about the program the most was the groups. The other people who are on the program are all very friendly and supportive. There wasn’t any judgment. I also really liked the food. It tasted good and was satisfying. I wasn’t ever hungry. The program was simple. They told us exactly what we needed to do to lose the weight, and as long as I did what I was supposed to, I did great. It was still a challenge, though, working through everything. I did very well with the diet, but the physical activity took a little bit longer to figure out, and I’m still pushing myself to drink more water.

I lost 74 pounds in the program and have kept it off for 4 months now. It was 100% worth it! I got all of the benefits I was looking for. I’m definitely healthier and I’m getting more active, which is especially important now that I am retired. I’m taking trips, going hiking and biking, and spending more time with my husband. I couldn’t do that if I hadn’t lost the weight. I also found a new confidence in myself. You feel a sense of accomplishment when you set out to achieve a goal and you stick to it. That was big for me. Plus, I look better! I feel comfortable in clothes, and I have no problem going out in public or taking pictures (which I never did before). I can’t really say how big of a difference the weight loss makes. There are so many little benefits you notice.

I would totally recommend the MHW program, and I do tell people about it all the time. It works. If you want to lose weight, there is no reason not to do it. The only hesitation anyone might have is the cost. That was what held me back originally as well. But the truth is, I didn’t really spend much more on the program than what I was spending before. The only difference is that, instead of spending money going out, on fast food, or groceries, you’re buying healthier foods, fruits and vegetables. If you’re thinking about doing the program, don’t wait!

Each HMR Program has different average weight-loss results. These are the results we get for people who completed between 12-26 weeks: 43-66 lbs. for the in-clinic Decision Free® plan (1), and 28-37.5 lbs. for the in-clinic Healthy Solutions® plan (2). Average weight loss for the Healthy Solutions® at Home program with phone coaching is 23 lbs. at 12 weeks and 28 lbs. at 26 weeks (3). There is no guarantee of specific results. Results can vary.

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