Larry's Story

I joined MHW in March of 2018 with a goal of losing 20 pounds. My wife and I had been on a cruise. We had some professional photographs taken and when I looked I myself I said “something’s got to change”. My doctor also told me that I was on track to be put on insulin. My neighbor had been on this program for a while and I remembered that his first couple of weeks, he had a great loss. Big numbers. When I went to the Orientation, what convinced me to join was the idea that it works if you do it. There’s no mystery to it. One week’s loss may not be big, but overtime, it will work.

In May 2018, after just 2 months, I hit my goal with a total weight loss of 21.4 pounds. What I liked is that the food was pretty darn good. Plus, you’re supposed to eat extra when you need it. Don’t let yourself get hungry. That impressed me.

It has been easy overall. They were always upbeat, and never beat us up when we had challenges. Together, we just focused on working on it. It was all very helpful. Coming once a week and talking to someone keeps you on track.

MHW is worth it. My meds have been cut in half, I feel better, and I’m moving easier. My wife and I walk a lot together. It used to be a chore, but not anymore! I would recommend MHW for weight loss, especially for those wanting to come off medicines.

July 26, 2018 12:00 am

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