Garrett's Story

I joined MHW in October of 2016. I first heard about the program from my uncle who had a good deal of success. I came in for an Orientation and we went over options. They told me about the fast results. That’s what I wanted. I hated the weight, I hated how I felt, and I hated how I looked. I didn’t have a lot of health problems, but I knew I needed to avoid the diabetes that runs in my family. I’ve never smoked or used drugs, but eating was my vice, and I had to do something about it.

By the first of January, I was down 31 pounds, and in May of 2017 I was at 70.8 pounds of total weight-loss. I actually peaked at 75.8 pounds lost, but I didn’t want my weight to go too low! With few exceptions, I have been within 5 pounds of that weight-loss for more than 18 months now. My clothes fit better and I’m wearing medium shirts! I look better. I breath better. I feel wonderful!

The program is not difficult at all. Just make sure you follow the guidelines: stick to your minimums, do your PA (physical activity), and stay “In The Box”. There will be challenges. One of the most difficult times I had in Phase 1 was my mother’s birthday. My step dad was teasing me because I wasn’t “allowed” to eat a steak, but I did not give in. That is key.

The thing that helped the most was the structure. Coming to the group meetings made me stay accountable and hearing other participants’ stories helped me stay focused on what I wanted to achieve. More than that, the program is simple and straightforward. You know exactly what you need to do each day, and you don’t have to do any food prep. or calorie counting. I liked that ease. And as far as the meal replacements go? There’s plenty of variety in the food, and they are flexible in how you can use them in recipes.

You are darn right; this program is worth it for anybody. You CAN do it. Even my physical disability didn’t slow me down. I like a challenge. If you commit, and if you ease into it, nothing should impact your ability to lose weight here.

We try all these other stupid options to lose weight, and if even if we do, it’s not for long. MHW works to help keep the weight off, too. If Phase 2 wasn’t here, I would have gained it back for sure. I’m young, and I knew I was going to want to drink sometimes and have fun, but now I know how to do it the right way, and I keep my healthy habits in place, too. I recommend this program to anyone, and I tell people about it all the time. If your health is worth it to you, just do it.

October 9, 2017 12:00 am

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