Bill’s Story

I finally started MHW in September 2018 on the recommendation of my cardiologist after several weight-related health problems started to seriously affect my quality of life. At the time, I weighed over 300 lbs. I had joint pain in my knees and back, shortness of breath and I became exhausted by only moderate exertion. Chronic high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, sleep apnea and the onset of Type II diabetes convinced me I had to do something about my weight. As with most people, I thought I had to “eat less” but had no real plan how to do it. My goal in starting MHW was to first lose the weight, and second develop a strategy to eat the right foods in the proper amount to maintain the weight loss for the long term.

I signed up for the Phase 1 in-clinic plan, stayed “in the box”, attended the weekly meetings and did the check-ins. During the first few weeks I was pleasantly surprised that the meals and shakes were appetizing and filling, I had no cravings for high calorie snacks, and I was losing weight. The simple structure of the plan in Phase 1 removes outside food choices and makes it much easier to eat properly. I was never hungry and at times actually had to remind myself to eat enough fruits and vegetables. The weekly meetings and check-ins were invaluable. They check your progress, provide encouragement, recipes, and valuable strategies for dealing with situations where you might not eat responsibly. I was in Phase 1 for a little over 2 months and had lost 50 lbs. by the end of November.

My objectives for Phase 2 were to integrate “regular” food into the diet and still continue to lose weight. With the help of my coach and the other people in my Phase 2 group I was able to learn how to use low calorie foods in my diet, cook them properly, practice portion control and estimate the calorie content for foods that I didn’t prepare (restaurants). I also continued to keep records of everything I ate with a personal goal to keep my daily calorie intake to 2000 calories. This all seems to have worked pretty well because as of July 2019 I reached my weight loss goal of 120 lbs. During the course of the diet I have eliminated all but one of my blood pressure medications, my joint pain and sleep apnea are gone, the Type II diabetes is under control, I feel much better and I have much more stamina and strength. I have even started weight training at my cardio-rehab exercise sessions.

For me, MHW has been a life changer. Not only did it provide me with substantial weight loss, it has provided the tools I will use to structure my diet to assure that I can keep the weight off, which is exactly what I wanted from the program. I would highly recommend MHW for anyone who needs to lose a significant amount of weight. If you follow the diet, it will work. Just remember that this is something YOU have to do for yourself. The degree of YOUR motivation will determine your success with the program. GOOD LUCK!

June 23, 2020 12:32 pm

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