What is HMR at Home®?

The HMR at Home Program makes losing weight easy and convenient with food delivery. We ship the food right to your door, so you always have the tools you need!

Is this option right for me?

This program is perfect…

…for individuals who live too far from our Cambridge, MD office, or travel too frequently to come in on a regular basis.

…for individuals whose schedules won’t allow them to attend a weekly group. (View class times here.)

…for individuals that do not struggle with accountability. “Tell me the rules, and I’ll stick to it.”

…for individuals who will take initiative when they have challenges. “I’ll call you if I have questions.” “I’ll go online to look for recipes so I don’t get bored.”

…for individuals with a very strong support system at home.

If this option does not sound right for you, consider the Clinical programs.

How do I get support?

HMR at Home® members receive:

  • Detailed, step-by-step dieting “how-to” materials with your first Kit order
  • Free support videos to help you lose the most weight in the first few weeks 
  • Free customer service calls/emails to answer any questions at any point during your diet (with an option to set a one-on-one appointment for a more in-depth analysis)
  • Membership with our Facebook community to pose questions directly to other participants in the program
  • An optional, once weekly conference call with a trained HMR Health Educator and approximately 5-15 other HMR participants

Weight loss

Assuming you follow the structure of your diet, you will lose the exact same amount of weight whether you do the program in-clinic, or at home. Just make sure you have a system in place for accountability and support!

Each HMR Program has different average weight-loss results. These are the results we get for people who completed between 12-26 weeks: 43-66 lbs. for the in-clinic Decision Free® plan (1), and 28-37.5 lbs. for the in-clinic Healthy Solutions® plan (2). Average weight loss for the Healthy Solutions® at Home program with phone coaching is 23 lbs. at 12 weeks and 28 lbs. at 26 weeks (3). There is no guarantee of specific results. Results can vary.

1 J Am Diet Assoc 2009; 109:1417-1421; Int J Obes 2007; 31:488-493; J Am Coll Nutr 2005; 24:347-353.
2 J Am Diet Assoc 2009;109:1417-1421; Postgrad Med 2011;123:205-213; Int J Obes 2007;31:1270-1276; Obes 2013;21:1951-1959.
3 Int J Obes 2007; 31:1270-1276; Obes 2013;21:1951-1959

What is the next step? Your daily diet plan.

Once you’ve decided that an HMR at Home® program is the best way for you to receive support, you will want to understand how to approach the diet itself.

We partner with HMR’s national team of Health Coaches to deliver the at-home program. When you use the link below and join the at-home plan or purchase HMR foods online, HMR will associate you with our program. Follow this link to learn more about the program we offer, and to enroll once you are ready!


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