What is a Clinical Program?

Trained professionals will work with you, face-to-face in our Cambridge, MD office, to provide lifestyle education and coaching, personalized attention, and follow-up support, helping you to learn the skills you’ll need to keep your weight off long after you leave the program.

Is this option right for me?

This program is perfect…

…for individuals who want the maximum accountability. “I need to weigh in.” “I need someone to keep an eye on me.”

…for individuals who do not have much experience with dieting before. “I need someone to be able to answer my questions.”

…for individuals that are not good cooks. “I need someone to give me recipes so I don’t get bored.”

… for individuals that struggle with motivation. “I always do well with diets for a month or so, but then I fall off track.”

…for individuals without a strong support system at home. “My husband eats whatever he wants and doesn’t have a weight problem.” “My friends don’t seem to understand why this is such a challenge for me.”

…for individuals who live close to our Cambridge, MD office and whose schedules allow them to attend a weekly group. (View class times here.)

If this option does not sound right for you, consider the HMR at Home® Program.

How do I get support?

All MHW clients attend a weekly weight-loss group with 5-15 other participants on the same diet program. This group is led by a highly trained Health Educator and provides a structured focus on weight management skill development through coaching, practice, and feedback. You will be given dieting support for the upcoming week as well as opportunities for individual coaching. 

HMR Clinical program members receive:

  • A detailed introductory session to answer any questions and discuss daily routine prior to beginning a program
  • A one hour weekly group session with other program participants to sample recipes and discuss strategies and motivation (View class times here.)
  • Free individual coaching calls/emails to maintain accountability and answer any questions at any point during your diet (with an option to set a one-on-one appointment for a more in-depth analysis)
  • Membership with our Facebook community to pose questions directly to other participants in the program

Weight loss

The Clinical programs have the best average weight loss results. This is because they take the highest level of commitment and provide the highest level of accountability and support. It is always recommended that if the class times fit your schedule, you attempt a Clinical program. From there, your results will depend mostly on the diet option you choose.

Each HMR Program has different average weight-loss results. These are the results we get for people who completed between 12-26 weeks: 43-66 lbs. for the in-clinic Decision Free® plan (1), and 28-37.5 lbs. for the in-clinic Healthy Solutions® plan (2). Average weight loss for the Healthy Solutions® at Home program with phone coaching is 23 lbs. at 12 weeks and 28 lbs. at 26 weeks (3). There is no guarantee of specific results. Results can vary.

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What is the next step? Your daily diet plan.

Once you’ve decided to do an HMR Clinical program, you will want to understand how you will approach the diet itself. In-clinic participants start with the Healthy Solutions® program.

If you are ready to head into the clinic to get started, the next step is to attend a free Orientation to give you the information you need to make a fully informed decision about which program option will work best for you. At the Orientation, we’ll give you a deeper overview of the different programs that Maryland Healthy Weighs has to offer. In addition, the Health Educator will discuss your weight loss goals and medical history to better provide you with program options and pricing. From there, we’ll get you scheduled to begin! If you would like to schedule your free orientation, please give us a call at 443-205-4421.