The A la Carte option

Instead of choosing a structured program, some participants will purchase meal replacements individually so they can set their own routine. This gives you total control and flexibility with your diet. Maybe you just want to keep some entrees around for days you don’t have time to cook,  or maybe you like to have the shakes in the summer to offset ice cream season. Use a few or as many meal replacements as you need to stay on track.

Is this option right for me?

This option is perfect…

…for individuals who want total flexibility. “I want to choose my own plan.”

…for individuals who have a lower amount of weight to lose, or are already at their goal. “I’ve already lost my weight, but I like the shakes because they taste good and they’re convenient.”

…for individuals that have experience (and success) with dieting on their own. “I know how to calorie count.” “I know what my routine should look like.” 

…for individuals who like to cook and have the time to prepare their own meals on occasion.

If this option isn’t the best fit for you, consider the Healthy Solutions® option.

What do I eat?

This option emphasizes fruits, vegetables, and the HMR meal replacements because all of these foods are convenient, healthy, and low calorie. Nothing else is “off limits”, however. The more you emphasize these foods, the easier it is to ensure that you don’t have to do extensive calorie counting or portion control, and that food preparation is as simple as possible. Every entree, for example, takes only a minute to prepare! 

A typical day will look different for everyone because you get to choose exactly which meal replacements you use, and how many. 

More is Better™

Within every diet option, you can eat as much as you want. If you’re hungry, have an extra shake. If you need something crunchy while you watch tv, bring in some more cucumbers to munch on. If everyone else is having donuts in the office, you’ve got an HMR Double Chocolate Chip Benefit Bar.

You never have to rely on willpower, you never have to go hungry, and you never have to watch other people eat while you restrict yourself. This is not a deprivation diet! It’s not about cutting back, it’s about making better choices and finding ways to enjoy them!

Weight loss

Because this option is so flexible, it’s not possible to calculate an average weight loss. It will look different for everyone. It is recommended that you utilize the meal replacements as often as possible to give yourself the best chance of losing weight each week. Incorrectly measuring portion size, specific cooking methods (like using oil or butter), and food choice will all affect weight loss. 

Each HMR Program has different average weight-loss results. These are the results we get for people who completed between 12-26 weeks: 43-66 lbs. for the in-clinic Decision Free® plan (1), and 28-37.5 lbs. for the in-clinic Healthy Solutions® plan (2). Average weight loss for the Healthy Solutions® at Home program with phone coaching is 23 lbs. at 12 weeks and 28 lbs. at 26 weeks (3). There is no guarantee of specific results. Results can vary.

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If I choose this option, what is the next step?

This option is supported as an HMR at Home® option. The next step is simply to visit the shop, and pick out the meal replacements you’d like to order!