Diet options

How you approach the diet depends on how much structure you need. In order for any weight loss to occur, you are going to need to stick to whatever plan you set for yourself. For some individuals, that means you will need strict guidelines and rules so you know exactly what to focus on. For others, a bit more freedom and flexibility is important to make sure you don’t feel restricted. Be honest with yourself, and think about your past diet experiences before you choose. Of course, you can always change your program later, but you want to give yourself the best chance of success from the beginning. In general, the more structure a diet has, the fewer choices you have to make, and the easier it is to guarantee results.

There are two ways that we offer the diet here:

Healthy Solutions® – High Structure, Easy Preparation, Fastest Weight Loss

A la Carte – Highest Flexibility, Most Customization

Once you’ve decided how to approach the diet, the next step is to decide how much support you’ll need. Will you do better with a diet in clinic, or at home?